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Sand.jpg (63322 bytes) Looking south on Sandusky between Winter and Central.

firewagon.jpg (109260 bytes) Fire wagon going south on Sandusky in front of the old City Hall

firetruck.jpg (80626 bytes) Motorized fire equipment in front of the Fire Department located in the old City Hall.

sandwilliam.jpg (115755 bytes) Intersection of Sandusky and William Streets

Hotel.jpg (110520 bytes) Hotel Donavin at Sandusky and Winter. Currently National City Bank.

Ewm.jpg (80839 bytes) Looking west on William at Union Street

Elephant.jpg (94209 bytes) Taken on N Sandusky between William and Winter Streets.

sandwinter1.jpg (93931 bytes) Looking south on Sandusky Street at Winter Street

Parade at Sandusky and William about the time of WWI.