Some of the more prominent homes of Delaware in the late 1800's

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10.jpg (82933 bytes) Stood at the corner of Central and Elizabeth Street...No longer standing

11.jpg (80096 bytes) Stood on N Sandusky Street...No longer standing

12.jpg (125055 bytes) 112 N Washington Street


13.jpg (89234 bytes) 17 E William Street, Birthplace of Rutherford B Hayes

15.jpg (84597 bytes) 54 W Lincoln Ave., Currently Sunny Vee Nursing Home.

16.jpg (69246 bytes) 44 W Fountain Ave

18.jpg (101857 bytes) 161 W Winter Street

19.jpg (76621 bytes) 260 N Franklin Street

29.jpg (90815 bytes) 94 University Ave

31.jpg (70807 bytes) 235 W William Street

32.jpg (67689 bytes) Stood on Oak Hill ...No longer standing

33.jpg (96347 bytes) 123 N Franklin Street

34.jpg (100155 bytes)

35.jpg (90933 bytes) 219 N Sandusky Street

36.jpg (103292 bytes) 249 N Sandusky Street

40.jpg (86566 bytes) 133 N Washington Street.